The pit in my stomach

I’m probably hitting approximately 10,000 ft. at the moment. Today is the start of my new life with my wife in England. My stomach, inherited from my mother, loves to tangle itself up in knots when I’m going through something this big. It’s inevitable that a change this major in your life doesn’t affect you physically. After a trying year, my British wife and I finally received my visa to live and work in the UK. Applied, denied, applied and accepted by ourselves, we definitely learned the value of speaking on the phone, in person, and appreciating the little time we got to share of our first year of marriage. I guess God didn’t see it as a big deal since I first fell for her when I was 9… “What’s another year?” I was asked to keep in touch with many friends and family that I have either shared by entire life with thus far, or met and become profoundly close to in the past year to 6 months. This blog is going to serve as my updating because let’s be honest, I can’t keep up with every single person in this much detail individually. In short, this marks a new chapter in my life: Growing up, moving away, culture shock, marriage, and the new adventures that will come my wife and I’s way. I’ll wrap up with this. I have been asked many times “What will you miss the most about America?” The following things were what others put at the top of my list:
Girl Scout cookies
Drive Through Coffee, Food, Liqour, Banks…
Diet Coke

…to name a few. What I will miss in reality follows:

Until then, I wish them and everyone note shown above my love, God’s blessings, and a promise that she and I will return soon. And I will keep living it up with this crazy chick:

The Wifey and I
The Wifey and I

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