One week down

Today at this time, I was waking up to my last day in the USA. Fast forward to typing from my new place in England in the midst of random adult duties and job searches. It’s been quite the week of adjustments – going to the grocery store this weekend stressed me out a little bit… It’s weird to have some of the same overwhelmed feelings I had when my family moved over 10+ years ago.

Not all bad though. I finally get to kiss my wife goodnight and when I am running again which is also exciting! Here are few shots from last week’s runs and today (yes, it snowed this morning):

The wifey and I also hit up an incredible Sunday roast and what will most likely become my new favourite brewery in town. Both the pork and beef were superb as well as their cider and American IPA



And for those days I’m missing home, I have my fancy Atlanta mug to keep me company. Definitely served it’s purpose. Daisy isn’t so bad either, though I’ve never met a cat so entranced by actual food before. We all believe her to be part dog.



I also felt like I needed to show my parents that I have officially started my cooking lessons. Corn chowder last night, wifey approved.

IMG_2085 Nothing else new for now. Hope to have some job news next week as well as our first adventure plans!


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