Week 3 and counting

This week marks my third week in my new home. So far, everything’s going well. I am well into the job search and have a few decent leads that are hopeful. That is to say, much better than the first interview I had. I even got myself all kinds of fancy for the interview:


Turns out the job was through a recruiting company for a temp agency. Not bad – great way to sharpen the interview skills and meet some new contacts in the work world around Exeter, just not what I was thinking when moving on from my last position. Onwards and upwards though. I have started honing my new skill thanks to my wife – cooking. I have been working on quite a few different recipes that have turned out pretty well. Two major issues to work out: (1) Following the pictures (I cut the onions wrong the first time) and (2) Presentation.

Pearl barley with roasted butternut squash, red onion, crumbled feta and a pumpkin seed pesto with salmon on the side.
Lamb Dhansak with onions, coriander and chilli peppers.
Preparation of the spicy black bean, chicken and kale stew.
I must say, Aga's are a nice alternative to panini presses.
I must say, AGAs are a nice alternative to panini presses.

Either way, it’s a nice new skill and a fun thing to learn. Plus, I love food. The rest of my time is being spent studying coding languages for a personal project and getting my chemical engineering back on:

Process control revisited
Process control revisited

Finally, I think I found a church home for the time being. We will see as I settle in further but I would like to share the beauty of the gothic architecture that fills the churches across England:

Things are falling in to place nicely. There ups and downs, but it’s nice to know that my wife has my back and I have a whole world to explore in the meantime. Also, we are going on our first adventure this week. Stay clicked for seeing some of the beauty of Devon and our first bike riding tour!


2 thoughts on “Week 3 and counting

  1. Thanks so much Erik for describing everything in such detail and taking your friends along. I’ve not been to England but when I lived in LA I used to spend two weeks Christmas and New Years in Paris each year . . . walking and admiring its beauty. Sitting in Notre Dome was the closest experience I can imagine to traveling back in time! Your photo of the full view of the interior of your new church is awesome. Looking forward to your next chapter. Rowena


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